The Rock Section was formed when a group of experienced musicians in East Devon decided to do something a bit different for audiences and a bit more challenging for themselves, by covering danceable rock music that other bands wouldn't, or couldn't, play. Mustang Sally was the first thing to go...

The idea is to pack a large and tightly arranged saxophone section into a small band that can perform in most venues for any occasion (and at an affordable price!). In fact we have four saxes (five if necessary) ranging from the beefy baritone up to the supple soprano, via the towering tenor and agile altos, with doubling on other wind instruments including the... erm .. fruity flute.

Brian, Andy, Olivia and Carrie are all soloists as well as accomplished section players. They are backed by the solid rock guitar and lead vocals of Jon. We reduce both our stage footprint and costs by pre-recording our rhythm section (mainly bass and percussion, with occasional extras) on our own high-resolution backing tracks. We are really, in effect, a five-piece rock orchestra - and hence our name, The Rock Section.

To give an idea of the range of familiar and less familiar (but always accessible) material we cover, our current stage set includes songs by Average White Band, the Beat, the Beatles, Blodwyn Pig, Blues Brothers, the Clash, Thomas Dolby, Ian Dury, Genesis, Gentle Giant, Bill Haley, Elton John, Joe Jackson, Jamiroquai, Little Feat, Lord Rockingham's XI, Madness, Paul Simon, the Stranglers, Stevie Wonder and Roy Wood, as well as our own material. No Gay Gordons or Glenn Miller, though.

As well as providing our own PA, we also include stage lighting in our standard package.

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